Local Dance Troupe Rocks It Out on Oprah

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This is (at least until Oprah’s people have it pulled down) a video of local Bollywood dance troupe Dhoonya Dance performing on yesterday’s Oprah Winfrey Show. Only, what Oprah didn’t tell them was that Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, the two most famous Bollywood stars currently living, were also appearing on the show that day. So when the choreography has the dancers turn to face the rear of the stage… OH HI, NICE TO SEE YOU.

I applaud Dhoonya founder Kajal Mehta and her team for being total professionals and not immediately forgetting every step they ever learned. Which is totally what I would have done, in case you are wondering.

A clip demonstrating exactly why Abhi-and-Aish are so famous is behind the jump. Also, I am very glad to have an excuse to post my favorite Bollywood song ever.

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3 thoughts on “Local Dance Troupe Rocks It Out on Oprah

  1. Dhoonya Dance is an amazingly professional dance company and I am sure they will continue to surprise and astonish us all with their skillful dancing, commitment and passion for Indian inspirited dancing.

  2. Seriously? THAT is considered ‘skillful’?

    The world clearly has a lot to learn about Bollywood dancing.