“We’re not pleased with either candidate’s position”

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‘Road Work Ahead on New Hampshire Avenue’
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Well, it’s not even October and I am already sick of the gubernatorial race in Virginia. Good job, guys. Between the Washington Post’s story on Bob McDonnell’s misogynistic thesis and the onslaught of ads and direct mail that Creigh Deeds has put out in the wake of it, it’s enough to make any voter apathetic.

The Washington Business Journal has an article today on the two candidates’ opinions on transportation issues in Virginia, with a great quote from Richard McDonough, a Chantilly assistant district manager for Lane Construction Corp. and past president of the Virginia Transportation Construction Alliance. “We’re not pleased with either candidate’s position,” pretty much sums up the race so far, but is especially concerning considering how many Virginians who commute into DC are affected by this issue.

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One thought on ““We’re not pleased with either candidate’s position”

  1. If tranpsortation is your issue and you’ve turned on NPR at any point in the last two weeks, you know your only option is to vote for Creigh Deeds. His “plan” has at least some shot of solving (and fudning) the problem. Last I checked McDonnell wants to use the revenues from off-shore drilling to fund transportation fixes. Regardless of your opinion on the environment and off-shore drilling, that obviously isn’t even logical.