Cabs to be scarce in Adams Morgan this weekend

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So Councilman Graham is pulling his bill that would establish a medallion system and overhaul the cab industry in DC. He insists that it has nothing to do with the mess going on in his office involving bribery over cab-related legislation (suuuuure, we believe you), but is because cab drivers are in such an uproar over it. The Post article covers arguments about too many cabs in the city, the nature of the investigation of Graham’s office, blah blah blah yadda yadda, but here’s what you need to know:

Some cab drivers are planning to just not pick anyone up in Adams Morgan after the bars close this weekend. Usually cab strikes in DC are tempests in teapots because DC cabbies are logistically hard to organize and it’s hard to get every independent cab driver to give up his livelihood for a night, but this action seems very intelligently targeted. The nightlife scene in Adams Morgan combined with challenging public transportation access AND street crime means that cabs are a particularly integral part of peoples’ weekend plans. Meanwhile, the cabbies will still be out picking up fares and making money, just elsewhere in the city, making it easier for a critical mass of cabbies to participate.

So you might actually notice this cab strike. If you’re going to Adams Morgan this weekend, suck it up and designate a driver.

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One thought on “Cabs to be scarce in Adams Morgan this weekend

  1. eh. i mean, it’s not that far a walk from dupont to AM, i live in AM and walk to and from my office near dupont every day. plus, the circulator running to woodley makes it pretty simple, that thing runs til 3 am on the weekends. still, if they had to pick a neighborhood to target, they were definitely thinking strategically with this one. i doubt it will really impact anyone’s plans though.