Barry Stops Short of Screaming “You lie!”

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Everyone is rightfully outraged over the recent mass firings of DCPS teachers due to a $44m budget shortfall; over 200 were let go on Friday. Students, teachers and their allies came together yesterday to protest the cuts and a lot of their attention focused on the Chancellor of DCPS, Michelle Rhee. They even received a few not-so-calming words from every body’s “favorite” Councilman Marion Barry, according to NBC Washington.

“Chancellor Rhee has lied to you. Lied to you,” Barry said. “And I don’t like liars.”

What? Is a member of the city council telling a group of upset and concerned protesters that a high level city official straight up lied to them? Barry is shooting from the hip and grandstanding in order to come across as the good guy and he doesn’t have facts to back up his audacious claim. I realize that city officials are not always going to agree, and that is to be expected. But to come out name-calling and labeling someone a liar does nothing but fuel the fire, Glenn Beck style.

Barry- please stop the ridiculousness. You want to fight for your constituents, we get it. But do so in a manner that doesn’t cause additional outrage or require you to throw labels and dirty names around; especially in a situation as incredibly difficult for all sides to handle as this one. You know, the Dog Whisperer was here in DC yesterday. Perhaps he could have given all of us a little lesson in how to remain calm and assertive.

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7 thoughts on “Barry Stops Short of Screaming “You lie!”

  1. I don’t get it. What does Barry claim was Rhee’s lie? And did she actually lie, or was he just making it up?

    You ought to try to figure out what each party is saying, rather than just criticizing him for using the word “lie” – you don’t really even seem to know what his accusation is.

  2. According to all available sources, Barry has never said specifically what he is claiming Rhee lied about. Regardless, I criticize a sitting elected official for saying such things about another city official under whatever circumstances. That is not how civil discourse and debate is handled within a government. Especially in a case where he is not pointing at something specific; rather just using this as a way to express anger. And it is wrong.

  3. I understand the criticism, and your point is valid. I was just wondering, what exactly was the “lie,” or what was it she said that was interpreted as a lie?

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  5. I believe that the Councilman believes that the Chancellor is lying about the $40M budget shortfall which lead to the reduction in force on Friday in DCPS that cost 400 DCPS employees their jobs.

  6. Marion Barry calling someone a liar? That, ladies and gentlemen, is irony in its purest form. Mr. Barry would not know the truth if it were in a pipe presented to him by Rasheeda Moore.