Barry Hospitalized, Will Miss Gay Marriage Legislation

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Councilman Marion Barry was hospitalized at Howard University Hospital early this morning, according to WaPo. He was taken in for dehydration. It’s unfortunate that this comes roughly 12 hours after his controversial remarks about Chancellor Rhee, but we certainly do hope the Councilman and former DC mayor is OK.

Barry will be missing the city council meeting today where the much talked about legislation allowing gay marriage in the District will be introduced. Barry, who had previously been a supporter of gay rights, has fallen out of favor because of his stances earlier this year.

(And I promise this is the end of us acting like the Marion Barry News Network. For now.)

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2 thoughts on “Barry Hospitalized, Will Miss Gay Marriage Legislation

  1. Smoking crack is VERY dehydrating, so Marion Barry is probably quite thirsty!

    He’s hoping he drops dead upon his release, the scum bag.

  2. It’s time DC.

    Cheers, Joe Mustich, Justice of the Peace,
    Washington, Connecticut, USA.

    I officiated all summer long for couples who came to CT to wed from all across the country, many of whom brought their families and friends along to celebrate with them.

    The second wedding of the summer was for 2 wonderful young women from DC. Congrats to all.

    And kudos to Iowa and most of New England for supporting marriage.