Catania to Introduce Gay Marriage Bill

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Get ready for the fireworks, everyone. Council Member David Catania is set to introduce a bill to legalize gay marriage on Tuesday. It’s not hard to anticipate what will happen: Lots of people who don’t live in DC will hold rallies against it. It will pass 11-1, with Marion “A Politician Who Is Moral” Barry the lone vote against. Then Congress will take a crack at it, and more people who don’t live in DC will fall all over themselves trying to “hold the line” against the encroachment of the gay banditos (SFW if you have headphones) threatening the American family. I’m a pessimist and think Congress probably won’t let the law stand (“home rule” what?), but I welcome the opportunity to be pleasantly surprised.

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One thought on “Catania to Introduce Gay Marriage Bill

  1. Congress’ ability to overturn DC law is just one more awesome thing that the residents of DC have to deal with, on top of not even having a vote in that same Congress that can change their city’s laws.

    Obama is not an outright supporter of gay marriage as his stance has always been a cautious one – support civil unions and benefits as federal policy and allow each state to determine if they want to recognize same-sex marriage or not on their own. So, unless some other factors come into play here, most likely the White House would preach a “hands off” approach to Congress. But we shall see what affect that has…