Barry Opposes Gay Marriage in DC on “Moral” Grounds

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‘Marion Barry and Mr. Grumpy Pants’
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Marion “Bitch Set Me Up” Barry appeared at a rally to oppose gay marriage in the District today. Which is newsworthy enough all on its own, but that’s not what caught my attention. When asked about his absence at the council meeting where the decision to recognize other states’ gay marriages passed unanimously, Barry said: 

“If I had been [there], I would have voted ‘no,'” Barry added. “I am a politician who is moral.” (emphasis mine)

I think there’s only one thing to say to that: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

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4 thoughts on “Barry Opposes Gay Marriage in DC on “Moral” Grounds

  1. Dear Mr. Barry,
    Having been divorced 4 times, you probably consider yourself quite an expert on the sanctity of marriage. And having smoked all that crack, your values probably make 100% sense to you. But can you kindly do us a favor and STFU? Your twisted sense of morality is not welcome here. And until you pay all those back taxes (and I dunno, attend a meeting or two), you deserve *zero* say in how DC is run.
    For Reals,
    Wards 1-7

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