Hemp Protest Leads to Arrests

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‘Hemp Agrimony (Eupatorium cannabinum)’
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So a bunch of farmers were arrested outside of DEA headquarters yesterday. “For what?” I hear you ask… They were trying to plant hemp seeds on the DEA’s lawn. To protest against the ban on growing hemp.

Hemp, as you probably know, is related to marijuana, and although it doesn’t actually have any psychoactive effects itself, its cultivation is banned in the US as part of the War on Some Drugs. All hemp products in the US have to be imported from other countries, once the plant has been turned into rope or fabric or whatever, lest some idiot try to smoke something that won’t actually get you high.

I’m sympathetic to the farmers (in case you couldn’t guess), but really? Showing up in a mob outside a government agency brandishing shovels? Maybe not the best form of civil disobedience you could have chosen, eh?

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6 thoughts on “Hemp Protest Leads to Arrests

  1. Refusing to return three shiploads of taxed tea to Britain, and then boarding the ships and destroying the tea by throwing it into Boston Harbor, making the whole thing an iconic event of American history. Maybe not the best form of civil disobedience they could have chosen, eh?

  2. I like calling it “The War On Some Drugs,” great phrase.

    “George Bush says ‘we are losing the war on drugs.’ Well, you know what that implies? There’s a war going on…and people on drugs are winning it!”
    –Bill Hicks

  3. Actually, it was a stroke of genius. With that one simple act they got more press for the cause then they could have imagined. It did a lot of good. Got you to notice right? They got the word out around the nation. Bravo. More should do the same.