Dan Snyder and the Gestapo

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Not to keep rubbing salt into the “Redskins are the worst” wound, but Dan Snyder seems more and more like a fascist dictator every day.  There have been several accounts, including two from last night alone, of people being kicked out of FedEx Field for expressing their true feelings for Mr. Snyder.  Apparently, he sicked a couple of security guards on critical fans, confiscating a banner and kicking them out of the stadium.  Nice.  Glad to hear he’s so confident in himself.  Let this be a lesson to the rest of you.  If you’re going to tell Mr. Musolli… I mean, “Mr. Snyder” that he sucks, don’t do it in his stadium.  He really doesn’t like it. But seriously, Dan, you do suck.

What’s next, I wonder? Summary executions of running backs that fail to average more than 2 yards per carry?

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10 thoughts on “Dan Snyder and the Gestapo

  1. Love this quote from NBC sports: “It’s probably safe to say the Redskins wouldn’t have a problem with signs in the stands if they didn’t have so many problems on the field.”

    Craaaaaazy-ass Snyder is looking more and more like an Al Davis clone every freakin’ day…

  2. Ben, I disagree.

    See, Davis screws his team up in glorious fashion (says the smirking Broncos fan), but at the end of the day I honestly get the feeling that he makes these moves because he believes he’s improving the Raiders. He isn’t, obviously, but that’s beside the point. He honestly THINKS he’s doing the right thing.

    Look back over the past several years… and can you think of any point where Snyder has done something that makes you honestly think that he’s trying to improve the Redskins? Or just find a way to make an extra buck or two?

    At this point, calling Snyder a Davis clone is a disservice to Al Davis.

  3. After seeing the activities over the past several weeks and especially those undertaken by the Redskins management and the overall condition of the team. I think that it is time to do something about it. Snyder can take away our signs, eject fans with what he considers offensive (to him) tee-shirts, and all of the other actions they have taken. I emailed the Redskins over a week with a collobarative approach to re-engage the Redskin fans and show that the Redskin Management really does give a damn about its fans. What did I receive???? Nothing, absolutely nothing in response. An attempt to try to engage the Redskins management to work with its fans was apparently blown off. What can we do??? I am going to try to organize a protest that Snyder and his cronies won’t be able to stop. Instead of signs, tee shirts, etc. Let us show our Redskin fan solicarity by refusing to sit down in our seats at kickoff. Instead we can stand in the concourse and wait. Maybe sing some Redskin songs but make it clear that we won’t be treated that way. I will need your help to spread the word. He can’t make us sit down and when the TV sees a substantially empty stadium at kickoff, it will send a powerful message of the strength of the solidarity of the Redskins fans. I ask that everyone who attends participates and spread the word. We have 2 weeks to get the message out and hopefully we can get buy-in from the Redskin fans. So I am asking for your help in achieving this goal. Everyone can be free to go to their seats after the first couple of plays but let’s show our solidarity. I am hoping that Steinz will get the word out from his blog and get this party started!!! The new age of the Power of the Redskin Fans!!!

  4. Redskin Mike, I like it!!! Snyder can’t force us to our seats and they can confiscate all the signs they want. I say YES, everyone congregate outside of the seating bowl for the kickoff and the first couple of plays. I say yes to Redskin Mike!!!!

  5. Great idea. I have 4 seats and am totally pissed at what is going on. This is our chance to let the Redskins know that they need to take us seriously. I am on board to boycott the kickoff in 2 weeks!!!

  6. When I argue with friends who are Cowboy or Eagles fans, I get my butt handed to me. How can I respond to anything after what the Redskins have become. We need to soldify our stand and let everyone know that we aren’t going to stand for this type of a team and a screwed up organization. I will do it and will stay OUTSIDE of the stadium until after the kickoff. Hell, I don’t need Sndyer’s $8 beer, I’ll drink my Natty Bo outside the stadium!!! I’m there!!!!

  7. The sudden sign banning really took it to a new place for me. Way to alienate a whole other sector of people. Dan Snyder will NEVER be accepted in this town on any meaningful level. He is a dick and I’m not putting any more money in his pocket.

    Banning signs – Dan Snyder’s a coward.

    I’m not the only one who’s taken their name off the waiting list.

    Oh Danny Boy, the pipes are softly calling . . .

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