Continuing Redskin Insanity?

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Dan Steinberg over at WaPo mentioned briefly this morning that now apparently, the media is no longer allowed to interview fans who’re tailgating on FedEx Field property.

Apparently, WUSA-9’s anchor Derek McGinty said last night that the team “told our sports director Brett Haber that this has always been team policy, but when he [Haber] pointed out that we and other stations, including their very own broadcast partners, have in fact always talked openly to tailgaters, there was, well let’s just say, no further explanation.”

A further update by Steinberg has a statement from one Redskin blogger, who confirms that it’s always been team policy mainly so that TV trucks won’t obstruct traffic flow. “This should not affect bloggers or print reporters who want to walk around and talk to tailgaters.”

This is becoming the best soap opera in town!

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2 thoughts on “Continuing Redskin Insanity?

  1. I was reading just yesterday that in 2000, right around the time Snyder bought the team, the Steelers came to town to play the Redskins, and the inimitable Myron Cope was in the booth referring to them as the “Wash Redfaces,” as was his wont. Snyder sent some flunky in to tell Cope to knock it off, and Cope replied, “If the boy billionaire thinks he can shut me up he can go stick his head in a can of paint!”

    That’s why Cope is in the Hall of Fame and Snyder is a schmuck.