Miss USA Pageant runner-up flakes out on DC appearance

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‘Bigotry is gay’
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Carrie Prejean, whose 15 minutes of fame started on the Miss USA pageant when she told Perez Hilton that she is against legalizing gay marriage because “that’s just how I was raised,” is currently squeeeeeezing a few extra minutes out of her time in the spotlight on a book tour. She was all set to come to DC to address the Luce Policy Institute on the tour, but then just an hour before the event was to start, organizers had to call all the attendees personally to tell them it was canceled. Something to do with a disastrous appearance on Larry King the night before, maybe?

In any case, I’m perfectly happy she won’t be gracing District audiences with her presence. Beyond the simple fact that we disagree on gay marriage, which is not all that remarkable in itself, I find her infuriating for two specific reasons:

1. She seems to think that “how I was raised” is an acceptable justification for proscribing others’ behavior.

2. She created a situation in which Perez-freaking-Hilton had to be taken seriously.

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4 thoughts on “Miss USA Pageant runner-up flakes out on DC appearance

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  3. Much like “birthers” and balloon boy, “Benifer” and the DeLorean, and the notion that Jack Bauer can actually ever die; Carrie Prejean needs to start that decent back into the deep dark recesses of the mind and fade into pop-culture obscurity NOW.