And Now, A Metro Shower Curtain


How much do you love Metro? Sure, you have every commemorative farecard, you’ve got both the Nationals SmarTrip AND the Barack Obama SmarTrip card. You even dressed up like a Metro pylon for Halloween. But, do you have the shower curtain yet? No shower is complete without the Metro Shower Curtain. It’s an easy $30 gift for that friend of yours that you once caught looking a little too intently and longingly at the station manager at Chinatown/Gallery Pl.

We’ve worked out a giveaway with the manufacturer, Izola Shower Curtains. Enter a comment, and include your email address in the form, and we’ll pick a winner at noon tomorrow.

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84 thoughts on “And Now, A Metro Shower Curtain

  1. Perfect for when I need to contemplate the miserable commute that awaits me while showering. This could be therapeutic.

  2. If this is truly a Metro Shower Curtain, it better be as inefficient as possible. I want holes in it. I want it to derail from the shower rings. And really, only $30??? Don’t use the WMATA name if you can’t live up to it…

  3. Given that I spend at least a few minutes a day staring intensely at anything within eyesight (yeah, in that bathroom), owning this shower curtain will make me a walking metropedia. Yeah, give it to me.

  4. I took one of the sample metro maps they have available to visitors at the university admissions office just to display in my room. This would be way cooler…because I was so cool doing that before.

  5. This metro map will be a good go-between to help me decipher and’s analyses of peak ridership comparisons between orange/blue and red lines, since I’m only familiar with the one line I use every day.