Comedy in DC: The Last of the Christmas Cookies

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‘Jason Saenz Stand-up 4′
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Much like the last Christmas cookies rattling around in the tin your grandma sent you, the last comedy shows of the year are kind of an odd, mismatched bunch. And yet still delicious.

I usually leave theater to Jenn and Don to talk about, but comedian Judy Gold will be at Theater J starting tonight for her one-woman musical show Mommy Queerest. The show runs through January 3rd, and is a memoir of Gold’s life as a Jewish, lesbian mother. Gold is a damn funny standup comic, so I expect her show to be pretty entertaining as well.

Don’t forget that Matt Kazam will be at the DC Improv on December 26th and 27th. We’ll be heading back from our holiday specifically to get back in time to catch this show- Kazam does most of his headlining in other cities, so it’ll be nice to see him on home turf.

Speaking of the Improv, they’ve got their annual New Year’s comedy & dinner party planned- Eddie Gossling will be the headliner, and his wife Megan Mooney will be featured. Husband-and-wife appearances can be kind of hit-or-miss, so I recommend checking Youtube. I’ve got a couple of clips so you can judge for yourself, but it sounds like it might be a really good show.

Finally, I just wanted to share a couple of clips of comics I haven’t talked about much here. I tend to talk about the same few people over and over, partially because I think they’re especially funny, but partially because they’re the ones who tell me when they have shows planned. But I went to an open mic Monday and decided to track down video. Hah. Easier said than done. Almost none of them were particularly Googlable. But here’s Geek Comedy Tour 3000 founder Chris Barylick:

And here’s a clip from Courtney Fearrington, who hosted the Eleventh Street Lounge open mic in Clarendon Monday and had the unenviable job of warming up a bunch of slightly buzzed employees of a government contractor having their holiday party at the same time:

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