Bad Driver – No Dessert for You

bad driver

I saw this truck parked in the garage at Ballston last night. Yes, you caught me – I was buying last-minute gifts for my loved ones and for my We Love DC secret Santa person. (Katie, you are totes going to love what I got you!) Actually, it was the beginning of my shopping spree, but that’s beside the point.

Can you imagine being enough of a dick as to drive like this, with half the windshield obstructed? Well, I am here to tell you that some people really are that stupid. I know there’s got to be at least one of our readers that does this sort of thing – clearing a small space at the front of the windshield and hoping nobody else is coming down the road. Probably the same people who do not stop at stop signs. So can someone shed light into this type of laziness? Why not clear the whole car of snow?

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9 thoughts on “Bad Driver – No Dessert for You

  1. I’d have to agree… I find it hard to believe that they cleared off the hood, but not the windshield. Looks like the stuff up top that they couldn’t reach slid forward.

  2. OMGZ YAY! I CANT WAIT TO FIND OUT WHAT IT IS. also, secret santa, carl?! it seems to me you let the secret out of the bag. or parking garage. or whatever.

  3. Yeah, well….stuff they “couldn’t reach” on the top of the cab STILL needs to be knocked off. One opens the door and steps up to be able to reach one’s roof, or uses a long-handled broom or brush or shovel. Leaving that stuff on the top of a vehicle is incredibly dangerous. Argh!

  4. This doesn’t surprise me in the least. Out in the sticks where I live, I’d say about 20% of vehicles on the road are driven with piles (in some cases, easily a foot high!) on the hoods and roof. Not just the lazy people with suburban assault vehicles who apparently don’t care about showering people behind them with dangerous loose snow and ice, but even folks in plain old sedans. I even saw an *ambulance* like that.

  5. It wuz on the room and slid forward. Driving on 29 from C’Ville about 4% of the vehicles were this way – car was cleared off – except for 2 feet of snow on the roof – flying off and hitting cars behind them. WHAT A BUNCH OF BONEHEADS. Unfortunately, it is times of craziness when the craziness of boneheads has the biggest impact. It just takes one bonehead on a highway to do some deadly serious harm and shut down the road – it just takes a few boneheads at the airport or the train station to rush the gate – causing the herd of lemmings to crush forward. You do have to remind yourself that most people are decent – even during times when boneheads have such big impact.

  6. You said, “… last-minute gifts for my loved ones AND for my We Love DC secret Santa person” when I’m sure you MEANT, “last-minute gifts for my loved ones LIKE my We Love DC secret Santa person”.