Comedy in DC: Laughing the Cold Away

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First, do I need to remind you that Hampton is recording a CD tomorrow night at the Comedy Spot in Ballston? The show is planned for the 95-seat black box theater, but if enough people show up, there’s the possibility of moving to the main stage. If The People demand it. So go demand it, people. It’s free, and when Hampton has enough time to really get going, it’s quite an entertaining evening.

Three Chord Comedy is going to be back at the Velvet Lounge this Friday night. Former-DC-Now-NYC-comic and SNL contributing writer Ryan Conner (video after the jump) is going to headline. The show also features Courtney Fearrington, Will Hessler, Jason Weems, Elis Sairs, and (unlisted but he told me he’d be appearing) Jimmy Meritt. $4 for lots of good comedy- I only recently became familiar with Fearrington, but he’s quickly become a personal favorite, and I think I’ve been quite clear that Meritt makes me laugh until I pee.  A ringing endorsement, no? So go already.

In other comedy news, Seaton Smith had a video featured on this week as one of the User Picks. It’s safe for work, but headphones wouldn’t hurt if your colleagues are particularly humorless.

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