Beltway 3rd Worst Commute in US. Surprised?

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The Daily Beast has been crunching numbers to come up with a list of America’s 75 Worst Commutes, and surprising exactly no one, our own Capital Beltway came in at #3.

But what actually did kind of surprise me was the “expert’s opinion” quote they came up with to go with it:

“It’s a rough road,” says Adam Tuss, transportation reporter for WTOP 103.5. “It has lots of twists and turns, people speed on it and it’s got a lot of slow points too. It’s certainly not a freeway without its challenges.”

Really? That’s the best explanation anyone could come up with? It has fast-and-slow points? It’s twisty? Not the fact that it’s 5 lanes across in places and the exit patterns are constantly changing? Or that there’s pretty much no useful alternative to it if you’re trying to get between Maryland and Virgina?

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