Review Your Snowpocalypse Preparations

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There’s more white crap on the way (seriously, since I am basically suspended in mid-move waiting for delivery of things like my COUCH and my BED, I couldn’t be more over this nonsense), so we thought we’d take a minute to reiterate Kirk’s very sound suggestions for surviving a Snowpocalypse. Kirk’s got the scoop on the supplies you need to have on hand, how not to kill yourself in your own car, and how to keep the snow under control around your home. I quote:

Make sure you’ve got blankets and logs for your fireplace (if you have one), in case you lose heat. Finally, get the appropriate clothing, particularly boots.  There’s a saying that goes “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes.” This couldn’t be more true. Buy warm, water proof gear, and layer it up.

Read it, follow the advice, and make sure you’re ready to stay safe and warm during this next storm. And let us know what you recommend for surviving the Snowpocalypse.

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3 thoughts on “Review Your Snowpocalypse Preparations

  1. I feel for you being mid-move. I am currently sleeping on an air mattress and sitting on camp chairs in my fancy schmancy Columbia Heights appartment while our couch, bed, dressers, etc. sit across town. We were supposed to rent a truck on saturday, but somehow that seemed like a bad idea… Although oddly enough, Budget rental totally would have let us do it. Anyway, good luck with your move.

  2. and if your power goes out, please don’t drag your barbeque inside & try to heat your house that way. That’s the express train to carbon monoxide poisoning