Feds OPEN Friday, 2 Hour Delay

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I didn’t think they’d do it, but I was wrong- the Federal Government will be open tomorrow, on a “delayed arrival/unscheduled leave” policy. Employees are expected to report no later than 2 hours after their usual start time.

If you’re still stranded where you are, you’re SOL and will have to burn leave .

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7 thoughts on “Feds OPEN Friday, 2 Hour Delay

  1. Opening for one day, just to then close again for the weekend, with a lot of workers still stuck at home, makes no sense. Better to keep closed to give plowing crews more time to work and let everyone start fresh Tuesday.

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  3. WMATA announced that it would not open metro stations past Ballston. How can OPM open when the 2nd busiest line will not be accessible at four very busy metro stations (East Falls Church/West FC/DL/Vienna)?

  4. Speaking from a contractor’s point of view who’s had to burn PTO all week due to OPMs closure, I have no sympathy for the feds who now might have to burn six hours of PTO after having a paid staycation of (in some cases) 5 days.

  5. It’s not that I don’t think people should burn PTO, it’s that it’s HR 101 that when you tell people “report to work or burn PTO,” a large portion of them will choose NOT to burn PTO, either because they don’t have enough (for whatever reason), or because they don’t GET PTO, or they’re saving it up for something. Therefore, that large portion of them will try to go to work, and in this case they’re trying to go to work in a situation that’s demonstrably unsafe.

  6. They shouldn’t have gotten off on Tuesday (unless they used PTO) since it didn’t even snow until later in the evening. If people that take the metro do not have a car then they should use PTO. The roads are fairly empty especially with the 2 hour delay. The government has a stereotype of being lazy, unproductive and do not want to work.

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