More Snow Fun – Snowman Protest!

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courtesy of ‘christophersmith29’

In my continuing efforts to turn this crazy-making snow (my neighborhood is still only half-plowed!) into something entertaining, I ran across a Flickr set of snowmen protesting across from the White House. Like most protests, the snowmen didn’t all stay on-message, but it’s a far more entertaining protest than we usually see. So view the whole set, or view a few favorites I’ve selected behind the jump.  

Photo courtesy of
courtesy of ‘christophersmith29’

Photo courtesy of
courtesy of ‘christophersmith29’

Photo courtesy of
courtesy of ‘christophersmith29’

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11 thoughts on “More Snow Fun – Snowman Protest!

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  2. At first I thought that they were teabaggers, but then I saw that they were smiling.
    I love how the birds are plucking the snowmen’s eyes out

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  4. “God Bless Bill Watterson”? The man who tortured more snowmen in comics than anyone else (that I know of)? I’d think he’d be the one they’d protest!

    We miss you, Calvin!

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