Robotic Snow Removal Even Better Than Flying Cars


Meet Yuki-taro. He’s a prototype Japanese snow removal robot with GPS positioning, obstacle avoidance through video cameras in the “eyes,” and, the best part… a compactor that takes the scooped up snow and presses it into compacted ice bricks, which then exit the rear of the robot and are stacked in back.

That’s right, my friends. The Japanese have invented a robot that eats snow and poops igloo bricks. WE ARE LIVING IN THE FUTURE.

Unfortunately, Yuki-taro will not be ready for market for at least 5 years, which means he can’t help with our snowpocalypse cleanup, but in a few years, I will be lobbying my local government to purchase a fleet of these little guys.

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13 thoughts on “Robotic Snow Removal Even Better Than Flying Cars

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  2. Of course how long after yuki-taro’s commercial debut would we be hit a bunch of video clips featuring cats riding on them

  3. Our city can’t control escalators

    Why do we think we would be able to control these?

    We could buy 10 and at best have 1 work every 6 months

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  5. I’ve seen robots that size that haul cargo around factories, and this will never work on American streets. People seem to feel intimidated by them and like to give them kicks and laugh as they stop trying to figure out what the obstacle is.

  6. Use the bricks to make temporary shelters for the homeless. By they time they melt, it is warm enough to sleep in doorways.

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