Comedy in DC: Flooded Basement Edition

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I love it when all the pent-up Snowpocalypse comedic frustration is unleashed upon an unsuspecting region. There’s a lot going on, but here are my picks for the week:

Thursday night is BrightestYoungThings’ “Family Hemerlein Variety Show,” featuring music and comedy, MC’d by Seaton Smith (for whom my fandom is well-known) and headlined by Ben Kronberg (who has appeared on both Jimmy Kimmel’s and Carson Daly’s show, which means you’ve never seen him). It’s at the Arts Club of Washington, located in the James Monroe House, and tickets are $15.

Friday night there are shows for the geographically choosy. At the Velvet Lounge on U Street is 3 Chord Comedy, featuring Eli Sairs, Jeff Maurer, Justin Schlegel, and headlined by Dave Hill (HBO, Adult Swim.) Only $4! Show starts at 7.

At the Arlington Drafthouse at 9:45, Will Hessler and Hampton will be bringing back their “There Will Be Laughter” show, hosted by Jeff Maurer. Yeah, Maurer’s a busy bee that night, and if he can get to both shows, so can you. Tickets are $8, so it ends up being a whole lot of comedy in one night for $12.

If you prefer an open mic environment, the weekly Sabores Lounge show in Cleveland Park will also be happening.

On Saturday night, it’s local comic-turned-touring-headliner Rob Cantrell at the Arlington Drafthouse. The show starts at 9:45 and tickets are $18.

On Monday night at Eleventh Street Lounge, the regular Monday open mic is going to be given over to the ladies- Girls’ Night Out will feature Lisa Fine, Aparna Nancherla, Anupama Pillalamarri, Jessica Brodkin, Hillary Buckholtz, Sarah Donnelly, and Julie Fox. I’m excited about this one, since most open mics are pretty much sausagefests, and how many “my girlfriend so crazy” jokes can you really hear in one night and still laugh? The last time I performed at Eleventh, I was the only woman in the lineup for like, weeks. So it’ll be fun to see some new faces.

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  1. If you go to they often run half price tickets for the comedians at Arlington Cinema Drafthouse. Can’t beat that!

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