The Big 1-4-3! Happy Birthday Howard University

‘General Oliver Otis Howard House’
courtesy of ‘NCinDC’

Grab your cake and ice cream, this is a big one! Today marks Howard University‘s 143rd birthday. On this day in 1867, General Oliver Otis Howard founded the school, which is based in DC but is home to a student population from all corners of the world.

The historically-black university not only boasts several prominent alumni, but has played a key role in American history. Whether it was Thurgood Marshall’s role in Brown v. Board of Education or Zora Neale Hurston’s contributions to the award-winning Hilltop Newspaper, Howard University has a lot to celebrate today. Under the direction of President Sidney A. Ribeau, we wish you many, many more, Howard University. Make a wish!

Born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, Courtney found herself in DC in the fall of 2005 when she began her studies at Howard Univeristy as a journalism student. Over the span of her collegiate career, Courtney began to realize that the District had grown on her within the few short years she had been here. She loves tv, food, shopping, and all things “girly.” She looks forward to experiencing everything the city has to offer. Read why Courtney loves DC .

3 thoughts on “The Big 1-4-3! Happy Birthday Howard University

  1. Howard University is a true beacon of light in the Washington, DC area. It holds years of tradition, legacy and inspiration for people all over the world. Happy Birthday Howard University!! 1-4-3.

  2. Too bad their Dental Admissions doesn’t care to do their jobs and lets it negatively affect the lives of others. They don’t like to answer the phone or return multiple voice messages during an entire month to check status on an application. Then when the deadline is a day away, they answer the phone and talk about how understaffed they are. In an situation to which I’ve been a witness, when they were finally reached, they talked about a fee needing to be paid. The person involved never received any notification about a fee. The email was not in a spam box and the Admissions person INSISTED the email was deleted. Funny how this only happened with Howard and not the 15 other schools where applications were submitted. Oh and the website mentioned nothing about a fee and included links to dead pages where the developer named the file with a temporary name similiar to “contactspagegoeshere.html”. Very unprofessional. Someone’s future was on the line and all Admissions did was complain about being understaffed and blame the applicant. When there was one day left in the deadline, the Admissions person said they had no time to check on the application and asked the applicant to call the next day. When it was too late. This may be the wrong place to mention this but I know a few people who won’t be celebrating Howard’s birthday.

  3. Go, Howard! A fantastic school that provides a fantastic education to amazing students.