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Mary J to Become a Bison?

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‘Mary J. Blige @WMSoundcheck’
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We know her as the queen of hip-hop soul, but could we also know her as a Howard University student soon?  You heard me right…Mary J. Blige announced Friday that she has been accepted to the Mecca, ABC7 reported.  After her performance on Good Morning America, she explained that she was all set to be a member of the class of 2014.

However, Howard University has yet to confirm any of these details.  In a statement from the school, the spokesperson said, “we encourage Ms. Blige to continue her studies and welcome her consideration of Howard University in the future. We are happy to work with Ms. Blige on completing the formal process for admission.”

Blige did recently attain her GED, so perhaps higher education could be in her near future.  I’m all for it, whether it’s Howard or not, a few textbooks never hurt anyone (even though I have to be somewhat partial to Howard, as it’s my alma mater).  Whatever you decide Mary, we support you, and of course we’ll keep listening!

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The Big 1-4-3! Happy Birthday Howard University

‘General Oliver Otis Howard House’
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Grab your cake and ice cream, this is a big one! Today marks Howard University‘s 143rd birthday. On this day in 1867, General Oliver Otis Howard founded the school, which is based in DC but is home to a student population from all corners of the world.

The historically-black university not only boasts several prominent alumni, but has played a key role in American history. Whether it was Thurgood Marshall’s role in Brown v. Board of Education or Zora Neale Hurston’s contributions to the award-winning Hilltop Newspaper, Howard University has a lot to celebrate today. Under the direction of President Sidney A. Ribeau, we wish you many, many more, Howard University. Make a wish!