Washington Improv Theater: FIST


Washington Improv Theater is hosting a fairly ambitious event for the next month or so: The Fighting Improv Smackdown Tournament (FIST) will see 44 teams of 3 improvisers each face off in a bracketed battle for comedy glory. (Which is totally an oxymoron, but whatever.)

The tournament will run Thursdays-Saturdays every week through April 10, but check the bracket for the specific dates and times. All shows will be at Source Theater, and include not only the competition performances by that night’s bracket, but also a performance by one of WIT’s company troupes. Tickets are $10, and no actual fists are involved.

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5 thoughts on “Washington Improv Theater: FIST

  1. MUST SEE! This group is incredible – if you haven’t seen them yet, hold onto your panties!!

  2. These shows are gonna be awesome! The end of the tourney isn’t til April, so there are still so many new teams to see. Seriously, check it out. Thanks We Love DC!

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