DCPS taps restauranteur for school lunch director

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DC Public Schools has hired New York restauranteur Jeff Mills to run its school lunch program. Formerly of the Biltmore Room, Mills has been tasked with turning a money-losing function that serves crappy processed food that drives students to turn to pizza and french fries for lunch into a profitable program that serves appealing whole foods to students.

Some critics argue that Mills’ lack of background in school lunch programs is a liability, but DCPS asserts that’s a strength, not a weakness. Personally, I think people with backgrounds in school food haven’t done nearly enough to fix it, so I don’t see how bringing someone in who has actually run a profitable business based on tasty food could possibly make the situation any worse.

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4 thoughts on “DCPS taps restauranteur for school lunch director

  1. As it happens, I did. Merriam Webster’s dictionary, Encarta, wiktionary, the Princeton Review, and my computer’s spellchecker all agree that “restauranteur” is a correct and valid variation on the word.

  2. I think this is a great idea! Look at the ‘Dinner: Impossible’ show-that’s one man who had restaurant experience and he made the transition to cooking large amounts of food for lots of people very easily!

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