Bollywood Flash Mob. See you there.

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The Asia Heritage Festival is coming up next month, and the organizers are teaming up with Dhoonya Dance to hold their first ever Bollywood Flash Mob during the Fiesta Asia Street Fair on May 22. Anyone can participate; the choreography is available on YouTube, and while it looks complicated, it has been specifically designed for novice dancers to learn easily.

But maybe you’d prefer to have a professional teach you the steps? No problem! Dhoonya will be hosting workshops to teach the choreography at Metro-accessible locations in Arlington and Takoma Park:

  • Wednesday, March 31st, 7pm – The Dance Exchange, 7117 Maple Ave, Takoma Park, MD
  • Saturday, April 17th, 1pm – Saffron Dance, 3260 Wilson Blvd, Arlington
  • Monday, April 19th – Saffron Dance, 3260 Wilson Blvd. Arlington

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