Thousands Outside Nationals Park During First Pitch

Photo courtesy of Pat D.
Camera phone photo courtesy of Pat D., click to enlarge

It’s official: right now, the Nationals 2010 campaign is under way here in Washington. The start of a new season – especially to those who worship at the altar of baseball – is always exciting, and bringing President Obama down to the Navy Yard to throw the first pitch just raised the level of excitement for District fans.

With Obama present at the Park, you had to imagine security was going to be tight, and the Nats opened the gates a little earlier than usual this morning to try and accommodate. Well, it doesn’t look like it was enough. The photo above (click to enlarge) was taken by a fan stuck in the line – timestamp is 1:13, or just right around the moment of the first pitch. A few thousand people look to be stranded outside the park waiting to get through security.

Hopefully they can get all those folks in there in time to see some of the action, especially on such a beautiful afternoon. The season has to get better from here…

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One thought on “Thousands Outside Nationals Park During First Pitch

  1. Meanwhile, at the other gates, the lines were all of 3-4 people deep. These people need to walk to the next gate.