Fenty backpedals on parking meters

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According to the Post’s DC Wire blog, Mayor Fenty indicated that DC government may have to look at scaling back the increased parking meter fees that went into effect earlier this year, due to “outcry.” The admission came during today’s Council budget hearing.

What’s that? You mean increasing hours of enforcement AND jacking up the fees without actually providing a way for people to pay without carrying huge sacks of change around turned out to be not such a great idea at all? You’re saying citizens thought that idea kind of sucked? Who’d have thought?

While clearly I’d be happy to pay less in parking, the issue for me has always been that getting full use out of a 2-hour meter too frequently requires 16 quarters, which is just logistically ridiculous.

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3 thoughts on “Fenty backpedals on parking meters

  1. I’m OK with higher parking prices because it encourages people to walk/bike/bus/Metro instead of drive in a super congested area. The Wash Post just did a big article on how car traffic is the worst it has ever been here.

  2. Well, the money will need to come from somewhere so expect the increase to be through people losing their jobs or increases at other parts raised