Fresh Lobsters Roll Into Town, Preview at Azalea Festival

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‘Lobster baskets’
courtesy of ‘aejharrison’

Most displaced New Englanders long for fresh lobster from time to time (I feel like it’s part of our contract for living in DC, that and mocking people who complain about snow). As much as we come to appreciate the offerings of the bay and crab season, we long for that shellfish we call our own.

It’s not always possible to make that trip up north justifiable just for some lobster, but it looks like some of the flavor of the North Atlantic is on its way down to District residents. The Red Hook Lobster Pound, a Brooklyn-based eatery, is filling up with fresh lobsters and rolling down to the region for the Landon Azalea Festival in Bethesda on April 30-May 2. The three-day appearance will be a preview as the owners of Red Hook work to “trick out” a truck that will become a permanent fixture in D.C. come June.

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