We Love Weekends, April 24-25

Legs 09 by Yospyn

Rachel: Friday I’m heading to the batting cages at Cameron Run Regional Park in Alexandria with a friend to sharpen my eye for Sunday’s big game with my new-found softball team. We might wash the “workout” down with a stop at Dairy Godmother on the way back into the city, here’s to keepin’ those fingers crossed!  Saturday begins a rigorous rehearsal schedule that I’m going to attempt to throw myself into as the “Great Search for Summer Gigs” rages on with no sign of slowing down. As of right now I’ve got a July 3rd gig booked at the Columbia Heights Community Market, so that’s a start. And then Sunday is a baseball double-header of sorts. I’ll be spending some time at Nationals Park to help Screech celebrate his 5th birthday (yes, mascots have birthdays too!) and then racing back to Cleveland Park after the game to go play my in my own for my second week with the Glover Park Co-Ed Softball League. Go Misses!

Kirk: I’m going to spend Friday evening at a send off party for myself before I head to the Sudan for a month-ish to do some humanitarian work.  We’re planning on sampling some of Shelly’s Back Room’s scotch selection, particularly the Glenlivet 25 Year. On Saturday, I’m going with Shenandoah Brewing Co. to brew with Dad as a belated father’s day gift.  Sunday is going to be for church and relaxation, which probably means drinking beer on my porch all afternoon.

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Dave: My weekend is getting a nice start a day early as my band is taking over the stage Thursday at Arlington’s Ragtime to offer up a night of live, acoustic music. I mean, plus it’s Taco Night at Ragtime, so, you can’t beat that. After recovering from the gig, Friday will likely be spent around the phone booth for Game 5 of Caps-Habs, and then Saturday morning I’m off to join a few of my fellow alums to contribute a few hours at So Other Might Eat as part of my Alma Mater’s nationwide alumni day of service.

Katie: Well the weather is looking like it will get in the way of all my favorite springtime plans, but I’ve got SOME indoor plans that will go on regardless. I’ll be spending some time with some We Love DC readers at Evening Star Cafe where the talented and hilarious Will Artley will teach us how to make a spring dish for a special edition of Capital Chefs. Later, if the weather behaves, I’ll be headed to the Sweetlife Festival to hang out with more of our readers. Later that night I’m out to H Street, hopefully to try this magical drink I hear so much about at Little Miss Whiskey‘s: The Awesomeness. Sunday is anyone’s guess, but I’m hoping to swing by the Dupont Circle Farmers Market for a little asparagus action.

Paulo: If I do just one thing this weekend, it will be a trip to the IMAX Theater in the National Air and Space Museum to see Hubble 3D. I mean, a crew of seven got on a giant spacecraft with no reliable inflight escape system, rode it up to orbit on volatile solid rocket boosters attached to a foam-shedding cryogenic fuel tank, with an IMAX camera setup to take out with them into vacuum while they fixed an aging space telescope, all on my tax dollars. The least I can do is join them vicariously on the adventure.

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Max: Because my weekend pretty much took place on Wednesday and Thursday this week, Friday through Sunday are going to be relatively low key.  The highlight will be Saturday Night at The District in Adams Morgan where I’ll be attending The New Creatives, a launch part of sorts for Apt 3 Photography, VGDA Design, and the Duke and the Duck.  The event will have DJs spinning tunes and feature work by some of my favorite local artists including Victoria Gaitán and Katie Schuler.  Otherwise, I may try to hit up the Earth Day concerts in Dupont Circle and on the Mall.

Tom: This is my first weekend as a DC resident, but since we’re not yet done unpacking and setting things up, this’ll be a boring one.  I’ll be putting together all of my docs for a run to the DMV, which is terribly exciting.  We’re going to head to the College Park for a little strike force IKEA to replace the bookcases that bought the farm in the move, and look for a new chair.  I suspect there may be a celebratory dinner somewhere like Ray’s on Sunday, but Saturday night we’re partying in Brookland, to celebrate the new house!  Woooo DC.

Rebecca: Friday I’ll be watching game 5 of the Capitals v. Canadiens series. Go Caps!!! After visiting Glover Park’s Surfside last Friday, I’ve been inspired by their corn salsa and lime sour cream, and will attempt to make my very own mahi mahi tacos. Saturday I’ve finally recouped from my slide tackling knee injury and will be playing some footie over at Galludet University in NE.  If you haven’t been over to the school, it’s a really nice campus. While you’re over there stop in at The Argonaut for some food and libations. Personally, I go for the Dark & Stormy (gosling’s black seal rum floated over ginger beer) and the blue crab, blue corn & brie quesadillas. Sunday, if I wake up in time, I’ll get over to Dupont for the farmers market and snag some greens for the week. Might also throw an almond croissant in there as well. Nom!

Garlic by Samer Farha

Corinne: This weekend has some pretty exciting things on tap: my first Nats game of the season Friday (sun please!) and a Hot Chip concert at 9:30 Club Saturday night—both promise to be a rockin’ good time! Saturday afternoon I’ll celebrate the second birthday of my friends’ wee daughter, and Sunday afternoon I’ll host some friends over at my apartment (just about a month now till pool season!). With any kind of luck, I’ll also catch another movie during the final days of the International Film Fest. Sunday evening, if I have the stamina I’ll head over to Galaxy Hut for some more live tunes, this time to decompress with the mellow sounds of Meredith Bragg and A Weather.

Samantha: This weekend I am planning on taking it easy.  Friday night I am hoping to catch a showing of the I.M. Pei documentary at the Goethe – Institut Washington.  Saturday I am going to head into Georgetown to catch the French Market and the Georgetown Show House.  And I have a feeling that by Sunday, I will be so exhausted, that crashing will be inevitable.  Perfect day (if it rains) to catch up on LOST episodes — yes, I am obsessed.

Stewpendust #6 by Chris Rief aka Spodie Odie

Jenn: Physical feats and cultural treats! For those of us who love modern dance, Saturday night has an exciting performance at the Kennedy Center by Bowen McCauley Dance, as artistic director Lucy Bowen McCauley has done what many consider to be impossible – choreographed a dance piece to the music of Stravinsky’s Mass. Very cool. If I can also slip in a lounge at J&G’s new patio, I will. And the rest of my weekend is chock-full of all sorts of errands that you don’t want to know about. So trust me, see some dance. Or theater. And don’t forget to have a drink while you’re at it.

Shannon: I’m jumping on the bandwagon for the Caps (hooray for DC teams that can win games!), so Friday night I’ll be swinging by a happy hour to get pumped for the game at one of these Caps-friendly bars.  On Saturday I’m looking forward to helping to clean up the Anacostia River in the morning and being rewarded with free lunch and live music for my efforts, by volunteering with the Anacostia Watershed Society’s Earth Day celebration.  And Sunday I will be stopping by my favorite plant stores (the Garden District and Old City Green) to buy seeds, because I finally have a back yard to grow tomatoes this summer!

Hailing from the Mile High City, Max has also lived in Tinsel Town, the Emerald City, as well as the City of Brotherly Love. Now a District resident, he likes to write about cool photos by local photographers, the DC restaurant and bar scene, or anything else that pops into his mind.

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