PSA: Be Adults, Don’t Boo “O, Canada” at Game 5

Photo courtesy of
‘Canadian Embassy’
courtesy of ‘InspirationDC’

The fan base of the Montreal Canadiens, the opening round foe for our beloved Capitals, has gained a little infamy in recent playoff memory: a vocal minority has been heard at games hosted in the Bell Centre booing the Star Spangled Banner when played before the puck drops.

There are two options here now that the series has returned to D.C. with the Caps just one win away from the next round. Some misguided folks may think it’s appropriate to mirror the response during the Canadian national anthem. However, this wouldn’t exactly be a great mark on the District, and a completely childish way to act. Please note that the better option is a heck of a lot classier, and Russian Machine Never Breaks is hopeful that we’ll get it right:

I have a feeling the Caps fans in attendance on Friday will do the right thing.  They might even follow the example of the much-loathed Boston Bruins fans, who faced the exact same situation a few years ago.


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So go this evening and Rock the Red. Cheer the Caps to a series win as loud as you can. Just remember that your friends here at We Love DC ask that you do so with class, especially during “O, Canada.”

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