Office Drones: New Food Truck Headed Your Way

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I don’t know why I bother getting excited about food trucks, since they pretty much never make it down to the extreme end of the Mall where I work, but I am nonetheless excited to hear about El Floridano, a food truck that originated with owner Stephan Boillon’s quest for the perfect Cuban sandwich. Because the only thing better than a Cuban sandwich is a Cuban sandwich that can come to me. (Even if it doesn’t, in practice.)

It’ll be a couple of weeks before Boillon’s truck will be on the road and ready for service, but follow him on Twitter to get all the news.

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2 thoughts on “Office Drones: New Food Truck Headed Your Way

  1. I feel your pain. I work more several miles from a Metro station–no food trucks for me. But a girl can dream, right?