“Comedian In Chief” Obama Slays at Correspondents’ Dinner

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There are plenty of other sites around town that are devoted to coverage of Saturday’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner, so we won’t make it too much of a habit around here. However, there are some fun moments that are worth talking about thanks to the A-list media types gathered together for the dinner. In case you missed it, the funniest quips weren’t from the featured guest, a certain infamous talk show host by the name of Jay Leno: they came during President Obama’s remarks to the crowd.

Some of the best lines?

    “I’m glad to see the only person who’s ratings…fell more than mine is here tonight. Hey good to see you Jay.”

    “I hear I am big on Twitter…Facebook….or, as Sarah Palin calls it “Socialized Media.”

According to a few notes from media critics, the zingers were thanks to The Daily Show writers, so let’s not get into a tizzy about taxpayer dollars for comedy scribes. Still, you have to give it to 44 for solid delivery, and, politics aside, its still a funny way to start to the week. Enjoy:

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2 thoughts on ““Comedian In Chief” Obama Slays at Correspondents’ Dinner

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  2. I just read a few right-wing people complaining about how he made fun of this or that. Such a joke….such hypocrites….

    You knew that whatever he said, the right would start acting like little girls who got their candy stolen