Nationals’ Second Coming? The Bryce Harper Watch

Photo originally appeared at DC Sports Bog
Photo originally appeared at DC Sports Bog

While the feeling lasts, talking about the currently relevant Nationals is a lot of fun. In that spirit, I had to share this great submission from one of Dan Steinberg’s readers. DC sports junkies probably are already avid followers of Steinberg’s excellent DC Sports Bog at the, and you have to love when he gets photos like the one above: the spotting of a #34 “Harper” jersey at Nationals Park during yesterday’s game.

Since things are starting off hopeful for Nats fans this season, and getting better since last year’s #1 draft pick, Stephen Strasburg, is on his way up the system, you may have forgotten already that the Nationals retain the number one pick in this year’s draft, too. And all signs point to a stud of a catcher out of Las Vegas by the name of Bryce Harper. It’s not that hard to dig for the hype on this prospect, so hopefully this fan-made Nationals shirt will be joined by many, many more. Dan’s description from his post is pretty uplifting to think about: “wunderkind catcher Bryce Harper, the guy who figures to catch Strasburg’s first playoff pitch. (And I don’t think that’s even a joke at this point.)”

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2 thoughts on “Nationals’ Second Coming? The Bryce Harper Watch

  1. Harper got some flack as being arrogant and it kind of made me laugh

    Anyone not think ARod has that ego? Anyone see ARod at Harper’s age? He was the exact same way.

    Many players are….bottomline, this kid is special