DCPS/Union Contract to finally be approved. At last.

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After an epic round of “We have the money to pay the teachers!” “No you don’t!” “But you saaaaaaaaid!” nonsense between DCPS and the District CFO’s office, it appears District CFO Natwar Ghandi is finally ready to certify the contract between Washington Teachers Union and DCPS.

This will theoretically be announced at a press conference that members of the press do not seem to know the time or location for.

Update, 6:00 PM: It’s just been announced that said press conference will be held outside the Wilson Building. NOW. During rush hour.

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One thought on “DCPS/Union Contract to finally be approved. At last.

  1. It’s funny that the Mayor and his buddies in the Local Gov’t can magically come up with the $64 Million dollars that the CFO said wasn’t there during an election year. I wonder who all those teachers are going to vote for this year?