Food Truck Regulatory Dancing

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I learned 2 key points from Tim Carman’s article on DC food trucks generally, and a new food truck coming to DC from New York specifically.

1. I’m going to have to reconsider my earlier assertion that shellfish isn’t something I would buy from a truck, because the coming lobster roll truck sounds awesome.

2. While I knew that food trucks were increasing in popularity as a way around the completely unworkable DC site license requirements for carts, I did NOT know that the trade-off is that wherever the truck stops, there has to be a line of customers waiting. They can’t just park and wait. So announcing their comings-and-goings on Twitter is (essentially) a legal requirement, not just savvy social media use (though it’s that too).

Go read it. I dare you to not get hungry. I will just be sitting here on the far end of the Mall, wishing for the day when a food truck makes it all the way over here.

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3 thoughts on “Food Truck Regulatory Dancing

  1. I don’t know why you would never want shellfish from a truck – the shrimp trucks in Hawaii still make me wistful

  2. I hear ya, Tiff. I’m desperate for one to come to Georgetown, too.

  3. Not being able to stop unless there is a line of customers waiting is a crazy restriction. How many is a line? 1? 3?