Schadenfreude: DC’s Best Sports Moments of the Year?

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courtesy of ‘Keith Allison’

Leave out the fact that the Nationals are currently leading the National League Wild Card race (yes, it’s early, but still, little victories down by the Navy Yard are always worth heralding): this hasn’t been a fantastic year for DC sports. The Caps saw a fantastic regular season amount to naught, the Redskins and Wizards struggled mightily, and it took United hundreds of minutes to net their first MLS goal this season. I mean, Steinberg reported that we live in only the 7th most miserable sports city, but it has certainly felt a little bit rougher than that.

Therefore, I hereby propose that the last two nights have offered some solace for District fans. Both Ovechkin’s NHL rival, a certain Canadian forward who plays in Pittsburgh,  and LeBron James, who’s Cavaliers had given the Wizards a fit throughout the last seven years, saw their respective seasons come to an end in playoff losses. Does it take away the sting of that Caps’ loss to the Canadiens or the dismal NBA season? Not completely. But maybe it’s a small amount of peace.

Now, if this could continue and DC could send some of that angst for Philadelphia and the Flyers to help out the Bruins tonight, I know at least one WLDC writer who’d be happy…

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