Bat Boy Lends Nationals Pitcher His Helmet

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With certain colleagues around these parts, I have learned to “agree to disagree” during arguments about the existence of the DH in the American League. I fall into the, “I like entertaining baseball” category; some may fall into the other side of “We like when the ninth guy up bunts, it makes the game more pure. Double switches, that’s baseball!” Like I said, though, agree to disagree.

However, Drew Storen (that other major pitching prospect for the Washington Nationals not named Stephen Strasburg) may have given me some motivation to come around to the other side – an excuse to tag a post with the infamous “Natinals” monker. As Michael Tunison at the Sporting Blog passed along:

The second of the Nationals two 2009 first-round picks (who is only slightly less heralded than the first one, but still generating his share of anticipation) was looking for a batting helmet with ear flaps on each side…Starter John Lannan offered his, but the helmet wouldn’t fit Storen. As it so happened, the bat boy’s did.

No, it’s not a jersey mistake, but it’s still really quite entertaining – and that’s something we can all agree on.

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