We Love Weekends: June 12-13

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Max: Friday night I’ll be nerding it up with the best of them at the DC Digital Capital Week kickoff party.  From 9PM to 3AM, Blagden Alley will be the place to be in DC for networking, art viewing, music listening, and beer drinking ($20).  On Saturday I will shed my usual attire and pretend that I have class by donning a costume for the Seersucker Social (fingers crossed for cooperative weather).  Assuming I’m not run over by a fellow seersuckerer or bonked on the noggin by a croquet mallet, I might snap a few pictures of the pride parade and then help a friend celebrate the big 3-0.  Sunday will (as usual) be filled with photo editing and napping.

Dave: You know, a week of Strasburg-mania has me completely in the mood to get out there and find my own Field of Dreams. So, for a great sports weekends I’ll kick it off Friday morning, watching the opening matches of the World Cup at Public Bar ($3 Peronis ain’t a bad way to start the day, and it is, after all, noon somewhere). Friday evening, I’ll be out at Upton Hill Regional Park, shaking off the cobwebs of a few rainouts and back in the cages before a Saturday tripleheader of softball against a few of our rivals out at Cabin John. (Also, please note, regardless of the St. George’s Cross hanging by my desk, please note, I will also be cheering for the Yanks when they face the Three Lions).

Kirkles:  I’m planning on attending Jazz in the Garden for the first time ever.  It seems like something I need to do.  On Saturday, I’m going to do some gardening, adding more fertilizer to my plant babies and replanting my basil (some critter ate the last plant).Of course I’ll be watching the War of 2010 at some bar, probably Trusty’s. Sunday will be spent at a friend’s house for a small concert by the David Wax Museum.

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Rebecca: Friday I’m taking the day off work, to relax and catch the 10am and 3pm World Cup matches. Thankfully, the 10am match between South Africa and Mexico (go Bafana!) is on ESPN so I can roll out of bed and enjoy it from the comforts of my couch, but for the 3pm game I’ll be heading to Breadsoda to watch with my favorite soccer loving bartender Adam. In prep for what will likely be an epic day of Saturday day drinking for the US’s game against England, I’ll be ordering some za from Angelico’s (yeah, it’s expensive, but their meat classic pizza is A-mazing!) and calling it an early night. Saturday it’ll be all about gearing up for the US v. England game and, hopefully, continuing the win celebration at Glover Park bars afterward. Which reminds me that I need to pull together the most patriotic outfit of all time.  Sunday, depending on my level of crust, I’ll likely take it easy, grab some brunch (perhaps Cafe Bonaparte) and run some errands that the World Cup kickoff celebrations put on hold.

Rachel: Friday night I’m catching up with some college friends for a birthday house party celebration in Takoma Park, Saturday will be spent preparing for my upcoming trip to Louisville, Kentucky with a pit stop at the Bridge’s to housewarm their new casa. Then Sunday, as per usual, it’s off to Sunday softball in Glover Park followed by a nice writer’s-meeting-of-the-minds with fellow WLDC author Carl.

Tom: I don’t know about you, but I’ve felt this week like the weekend was always just over the horizon: too delightful to consider while so far away.  It’s left me behind the eight-ball plans-wise.  Tonight, I’ll be catching the finale of the Nats home stand as ¡Livan! starts against Zach Duke, and then I’ll be working most of tomorrow to get ready for our housewarming (invite link optional) event.  Of course, we’ll have the World Cup on, because USA is going to triumph over our former masters, so that’s always a joy.  Sunday will be recovery and continued neighborhood exploration, as we look for brunch in our own neighborhood.

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Don: Isn’t this time of year supposed to be relaxing? Let me know when that starts. Until then, my darling wife and I will be doing art shows. This weekend is the Annapolis Arts & Crafts festival in the Marine Corps stadium. It’ll actually be the first show we do with an admission fee – $8 – and I’m somewhat bummed that, unlike most street fairs, dogs aren’t allowed. Puppy spotting is part of the fun of doing these things! Oh well. The only other thing I know for sure I’ll be doing is courtesy of the projected highs of 98 and 92F: sweating.

Paulo: In preparation for an upcoming cruise, my wife will need to acquire a new scuba mask for some hardcore snorkeling. The special challenge here is that we don’t drive and very few dive shops in the
area are Metro-accessible. Closest dive shop to us in Fairfax would be Seaventures, though if we wanted to stick to just Metrorail, we’d probably check out the National Diving Center store on Wisconsin Ave NW. Given continued Orange Line weekend track closures we’ll probably be staying in our part of NoVA for the weekend though.

Katie: I am always all about the sunshine, and after a cool, gray week, sunshine is where it is at. Friday I am determined to spend time at happy hour on a patio – I am digging Acadiana’s or maybe even a cheaper option, Elephant and Castle. Saturday I am tempted to head to Rosslyn for a hula hoop workout (its free!) and then my Suede by Giant Shimano Coasting bike and I are going to be seersuckering with the best of them. My bike was born to be ridden with that crowd, and I have an awesome outfit picked out. Sunday, I am considering Drag Queen brunch in celebration of Pride, and because who doesn’t love sequins with their eggs?

Carl: Saturday will be spent with some good friends who need a hand with some work they are doing. Saturday night I have been hired to photograph a special event for the Job’s Daughters (http://www.jdiva.org/beth_index.php) in Arlington. Sunday has me meeting with a colleague in the afternoon, then a business meeting in the early evening and finally as the day comes to a close I get to kick back with co-author Rachel to talk about writing. I look forward to that cap to a busy weekend!

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  1. @Rachel If you need tips on awesomeness, let me know. There’s lots of great food in Louisville, so if you eat at a chain, it’s your own mistake. Lots of great bars too (outside of 4th st live, of course – you’ll see what I mean).