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If Capitol Hill was in fact a high school, it is definitely hitting all the marks for the end of the school year. Since the prom has already happened, that must mean it’s almost yearbook season, and the DC version of that would certainly have to be The Hill‘s 50 Most Beautiful People list. Vanity and politics meet at a fantastic intersection in this annual feature from the congressional publication, and now is the time to make sure your favorite Hill-ype gets included. As Fishbowl DC notes, nominations are now being accepted for the 2010 version of the list through June 30th.

In honor of the open nomination, The Hill is sharing redacted versions of a very of the entertaining entries. My favorite of the first group:

Besides being his lucky girlfriend and No. 1 fan, I’m nominating [NAME] because he is a specimen of all that is man. I have to fight girls/my friends/his interns/my mom off of him. It’s disgusting and awesome. He is not only the most interesting and hilarious person you’d ever meet but also an unrivaled storyteller and will surely keep you more entertained with an interview than I can in this short nomination …

I’m not always a betting man, but I would gamble that a certain junior senator from up north gets included…especially if the SNL writers get a vote.

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2 thoughts on “Get Your Most Beautiful Nominations Submitted

  1. Oh, to be among the beautiful people of Capitol Hill. Journalists can never make the cut. If this were high school, we’d definitely be the awkward nerds.

    Please don’t shove me in a locker.