Petty Theft May Thwart Council Candidate Robinson

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Sometimes I love DC because our political scene is so ridiculous, not despite. Kelvin Robinson, erstwhile candidate for At-Large council seat, has abruptly switched races to run for council specifically from Ward 6, challenging Tommy Wells.

He says there were a lot of factors in the decision, but Mike Debonis points out that a significant one may have been that his stack of ballot petitions was stolen out of his car. So either there’s some dirty business going on and someone is trying to keep Robinson out of the race, or some petty thief was really pissed when he opened up the bag he/she had just finished stealing.

To continue in the At-Large race, Robinson would have to get another 2,000 signatures, but to get on the ballot for Ward 6, he just has to get 250 Ward 6 registered voters to sign, which may be logistically easier.

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