Comedy in DC: The Headliners

Now that summer is well and truly upon us, and the college crowds that sustain small, local comedy shows have packed up their dorms and off-campus apartments to head home, I thought it was time to point out some notable national headliners coming through the Improv and the Warner in the next few months. (There are probably notable headliners coming through the Arlington Drafthouse as well, but they don’t post their schedule several months in advance so that people can plan. *ahem*)

Alonzo Bodden is at the DC Improv this weekend. You’ve seen him on Last Comic Standing, and he’s come through the Arlington Drafthouse before (where he was completely hilarious), but this time he’s doing a full 4-night trip through the Improv. Matt Kazam will be appearing with him, so that’s a bonus.

“Weird Al” Yankovic will be at the Warner Theatre this weekend. In a bit of serendipity, one of the first standup bits I ever wrote was about how Yankovic is actually a highly desirable romantic partner. Yeah, you’re glad you never got to hear me tell that one.

Jim Gaffigan is at the Improv June 27-28th, but he’s already sold out. Too bad for you. But here’s some video:

One of my personal favorites, Mitch Fatel, will be appearing at the Improv August 5-8. I’ve gotten to see him twice on other trips to DC, and even when he’s telling jokes I’ve heard already I still laugh so hard I can’t breathe. Here’s some video, but seriously: HEADPHONES. It’s from a TV special so it won’t be AS NSFW as his club show, but… let’s just say he works pretty blue.

The following week, Patton Oswalt will be at the Warner Theatre. Okay, he’s really famous and he’s been on everything and in everything, but if you never watch comedy at all, you still know him as Remy the Rat from Pixar’s Ratatouille. Here’s some video, but I also recommend you read the commencement address he gave at the high school he graduated from.

Aziz Ansari, famous for his role as Tom Haverford on “Parks and Recreation,” is also hitting the Warner this September. “Parks & Recreation” isn’t really my favorite, but the standup is really quite funny, so if you need something to look forward to this September, this is a good choice.

Finally, one more pick- the wildly popular local-boy-turned-really-effing-famous Lewis Black at the Warner in September. I only mention him at all because I have already bought my tickets. I’ve seen him at the end of a tour where he was taping an HBO special, and I’ve seen him at the beginning of a tour where he was still working out some of the material, and it’s worth it either way. Either it’s a really fantastic and well-timed show, or it’s an experienced artist still fine-tuning his work. This trip, he’ll be late in the tour but not quite at the end. I anticipate a fine night out.

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2 thoughts on “Comedy in DC: The Headliners

  1. “local-boy-turned-really-effing-famous” – I’d throw Patton Oswalt in there as well. He grew up in Sterling, graduated high school in Ashburn, and attended William & Mary.

  2. Well, Weird Al’s wife, who is beautiful, smart and successful, seems to think he’s a desirable romantic partner, so we’ll just take that bit as “not actually a joke,’ shall we?