Ladies and gentlemen, meet the DC Metro Dancer

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Yes, the man who stepped on a Red Line car and just had to cut loose (a la “Footloose”) has seen the video and heard our plea to step forward. Readers of We Love DC, I present to you: your DC Metro Dancer, Bob Grannan. Bob, we salute you.

What was the song that compelled you to dance? We’ve had showtunes and Lady Gaga suggested. Is it a favorite song or just one that happened to come on?

I was listening to a song from Hairspray; either Can’t Stop the Beat, Without Love, or Run and Tell That. The dancing session went on a lot longer than that video, so I’m not sure what section the videographer caught.

What time of day was it? The train didn’t look too crowded, and I’m wondering if it was the beginning or the end of your day: were you trying to psych yourself up for something, or just chilling out on a long ride?

That particular dance session was, I believe, at the end of a night out, on my way home. It’s actually hard to narrow it down because I do it almost all the time.

How long have you been in DC? What do you do when you’re not dancing?

I’ve lived in DC for two years. I am currently an apartment leasing agent in the Van Ness area.

Did you know you were being taped? Does that make you wish you hadn’t done it?

I did realize, during the taping, that I was being taped. It doesn’t really make me regret doing it, though I didn’t really expect anything to come of it. I’ll be continuing to do it, if that says anything.

You seem like a man capable of having fun on Metro.  So many others approach it with dread. What’s your secret?

I do have fun on the metro, because I dance when I get on there. The trains can be really boring if you just sit there, and the music I listen to is not the type to let you just sit down. It seems like a shame so many people get on there, take a seat and shut down or just get frustrated. Especially people in a rush. It’s funny to me; they’re stressed out about being late or on time to something while on the train, like that can help them in any way.

And finally, what would you like the world to know about the mind of the Man Who Dances On Metro?
I’m not sure how to answer that question. I don’t know that the world wants to know my mind; just enjoys the momentary glimpse of an oddly placed dance.

Erin McCann

Erin takes pictures. Lots of them. And then she tweets about them.

3 thoughts on “Ladies and gentlemen, meet the DC Metro Dancer

  1. As Bob’s former roommate of 2 years, I can guarantee you he does this all the time. Screw the “Free Hugs” chick…Bob makes my commute far more entertaining!! :-) Thanks Bob!

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  3. I actually filmed this dance. I have more video and deliberately broke it into sections because I kept getting shots of the girl on the right. She was cute but I didn’t want the videos to be about her legs haha. I’m considering posting all that I have of it because there are some better moves in the other videos.