Will The DC Metro Dancer Please Come Forward?

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Dear We Love DC Readers,

Please help us find the gentlemen in the above video who is clearly a dancing maniac, or, in the least, give us your best guess as to what he is rocking out to that inspired this dance on the Metro.


WLDC staff

P.S.: You have to appreciate those on the train who started applauding as the video concludes.

via Buzzfeed

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13 thoughts on “Will The DC Metro Dancer Please Come Forward?

  1. This looks like something I’d do at 3 AM on a Saturday night.

    The conductor says the next stop is National Zoo so I bet this was a similar situation.

  2. I know for a fact that this guy showed me an apartment in Van Ness a few weeks ago. Kind of creeped me out a little.

  3. I know that guy!! And alot of people will have quite a bit to say to him later today :-).

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  5. OK, I am 99% sure that this guy works in the leasing office of my apartment building. He is clearly very talented!

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