After Strasmas, D.C. Gets New Wall’s Day

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Yesterday was a little bit of a busy sports day. Landon Donovan, an epic Wimbeldon match (to the point where “epic” doesn’t actually do it justice), Strasmas 3, and, oh yeah, Landon Donovan. Why should the fun stop now? Tonight is the 2010 NBA Draft, and your Washington Wizards carry the first pick.

All signs are pointing towards a selection of John Wall, who played one season as point guard from Kentucky. Wall would be a great boost for a team that has drifted into low relevance in a town that has moved from Redskins quarterback-shuffling to a brief Caps playoff run and along to Strasburg’s heralded debut for the Nationals. When the Wizards lucked into the number one draft pick last month, it represented a pretty banner day for District sports fans, and John Wall would stand as a worthy addition to the Mount Rushmore of prospects that have come to the DC area in the last years.

Coverage for the draft beings at 7 tonight, and you can catch it all on ESPN. The clock will start around 7:30, and Wall very likely will be a Wizard shortly after that.

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