goSmithsonian Scavenger Hunt Saturday

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‘Smithsonian Castle – Star Wheel – 2-16-09′
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If you’ve got an iPhone or an Android phone and feel up for some traipsing about the National Mall this Saturday, you might as well win an iPad while you’re flirting with heatstroke, no? Play the goSmithsonian Mobile Scavenger Hunt on Saturday starting at 9:30AM at the Smithsonian Castle. You download the SCVNGR app from the iPhone App store or the Android Market, and choose the goSmithsonian Trek. Then your phone will provide you with a series of challenges and questions pertaining to various Smithsonian museums for you to complete for points. Report back to the Castle at 2, where the highest scorer wins an iPad.

Sounds like fun. If I weren’t already triple-booked for Saturday, I’d see you there. Be sure to RSVP.

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4 thoughts on “goSmithsonian Scavenger Hunt Saturday

  1. No fair! What if you don’t have an iPhone or an Android phone — or a cell phone at all? They should have a low-tech version for those of use who either can’t afford or choose not to spend their money on electronics they don’t need.

  2. I disagree, Banksy. It’s a free game available on two specific platforms. It’s no more unfair that it’s only available on iPhone/Android than it’s unfair that Super Mario Bros. is only available on Nintendo devices.

  3. How do they determine points only for that time frame? What about people who already started the scavenger hunt? Won’t they be ahead already?

  4. We’ll take a screenshot of the trek points at 9:30 and discount any points earned before 10:00 or after 2:00. Also- this is the kickoff event but the trek will be running for another 30 days after Saturday!
    - Kellian from SCVNGR