Cupcakes: Trendy, fattening, delicious

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Yes, cupcakes are a trend, a fad that will probably end soon enough. But until it does, I will bide my time eating as many of them as possible and debating the merits of DC’s many, many cupcakeries. The latest installment in our city’s love affair with frosting comes in the form of a Cupcake Camp scheduled for this fall in Arlington.

Cupcake Camps, according to the website, are “an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and eat cupcakes in an open environment.” (… Because there’s an environment somewhere that is unwelcoming of cupcakes?!) The deal is a simple one: Some people sign up to bring a dozen cupcakes, and some more people sign up to come eat them. Yes, according to the FAQ, you are welcome to come and eat without bringing your own batch. End result: free cupcakes for everyone! (They’re also looking for judges, if your cupcake taste buds are sufficiently advanced.)

The Sept. 18 event is being held from 3:00 to 5:30 at 1025 North Fillmore Street in Arlington, a few blocks from the Clarendon Metro stop. Might I suggest you get off a stop earlier and walk the extra blocks from Courthouse? It’ll help you work up an appetite for the treats.

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