How badly do you miss Tai Shan?

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Enough to pay $5,000 plus airfare to go visit him? That well-known panda-lobbying organization The Friends of the National Zoo is organizing a 10-day trip this fall to China, one that will include a stop at the Bifengxia Wildlife Preserve, home to our beloved Tai Shan. Sure, there’s lots of culture and dining and education and blah blah blah mixed in, but we know what it’s really all about: checking up on Butterstick to make sure he hasn’t been brainwashed by the communists.

The trip, booked through China Advocates tours out of San Francisco, runs Sept. 12-22 and costs $4,990 a person (plus another $1,190 for the lonely hearts traveling alone). Airfare from New York is another $1,700, and then of course you have to factor in all the bribe money you’ll need to hand out when you try to spirit Tai Shan away from his captors and back to our loving arms. I’ll be setting up my Kickstarter account shortly, so feel free to contribute. Panda hugs for everyone when I return!

Erin McCann

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