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Get Every Last Drop by Dan Dan The Binary Man

A new year is upon us, DC, and some of us couldn’t be more relieved that 2010 is dead and buried.  Whether you believe in making New Year’s resolutions or not, this is a good time to reflect on the past year, take stock of your life as it exists today, and figure out how the next chapter unfolds.  Will you maintain the status quo or will you take your life in a completely different direction?  If you love everything about your life then I commend you (and think that you might need psychiatric help), but if you feel like you’re simply going through the motions and need a little spark in your life, now, and any other day, is the perfect time for change.

We here at We Love DC look forward to seeing our city through your lenses, from your point of view, with your eyes.  We love seeing what you were up to over the weekend, what you did for the holidays, and your coverage of events here in DC.  But I challenge you to step up your game this year and start pushing the boundaries of your photography.

Buy a point and shoot or rangefinder camera and take it with you everywhere you go so you never miss ‘that shot’.  Buy a new prime lens and see how it changes your shooting style.  Stop someone on the street, ask them if you can take their picture, and tell their story.  Take a photography class, or even a painting, drawing, or dance class to get out of your comfort zone and get your creative juices flowing.  Instead of shooting anything and everything that you find interesting, focus your efforts on just a handful of subjects to hone your skills and to create a solid body of work.

This world has so much to offer so make sure you get every last drop.  You won’t regret it, and neither will we.

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How badly do you miss Tai Shan?

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‘Treats You Have Treats For Me? (2 of 3)’
courtesy of ‘Daniel.Techie{TaiShan~4Ever} @’

Enough to pay $5,000 plus airfare to go visit him? That well-known panda-lobbying organization The Friends of the National Zoo is organizing a 10-day trip this fall to China, one that will include a stop at the Bifengxia Wildlife Preserve, home to our beloved Tai Shan. Sure, there’s lots of culture and dining and education and blah blah blah mixed in, but we know what it’s really all about: checking up on Butterstick to make sure he hasn’t been brainwashed by the communists.

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Tai Shan Does Cute Things

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‘Tai Shan Turns 4 ~ Look @ That Face’
courtesy of ‘Daniel.Techie {TCP/IP} @’

I know, this is news to no one, that Tai Shan is the cutest little Butterstick the world has ever seen. However, thanks to his American training, he can even do cute things while asleep: A British tourist caught him doing a somersault in his sleep. That’s right, our panda is so awesome he does gymnastics in his sleep. The sad thing is, the Chinese are taking him back from us soon, so you’d better head out to the Zoo ASAP. Well, that is, unless we’re smart and we take the Panda hostage…

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Panda Emergency!

Photo courtesy of Me

Panda Emergency!, courtesy of Me

When I came home from five days away to discover this sight my first thought was “this is a job for Tai Shan!” If the zoo really is having trouble getting food for them, here’s a great solution: I can’t be the only person fighting this satanic plant. Bring a panda around for a day!

Alas, if they can’t convince them to get an ultrasound it seems unlikely they’re in the market for a road trip. Too bad. Those stalks were under 1 foot high when we left town Thursday morning. The tallest was over 5 feet when we returned on Tuesday afternoon. These growth spurts come after a long period of dormancy. I wonder what specifically set them off.

Any of the rest of you fighting this menace?