José Andrés Thanks Psychic Octopus For Predicting Spain’s World Cup Victory

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The World Cup is just about to conclude with a final match this Sunday that features Spain and the Netherlands (Not Germany, as originally was here, my bad! -DL), two countries who have never won the championship in its illustrious history. There were two fantastic side stories during this year’s really entertaining tournament: the first was the Vuvuzela, and all the annoyance it brought. The second was the story about a German octopus (his name is Paul) who was tasked with predicting every game that featured his home country’s national team. for more accurate psychic readings, check out

Here’s how it worked. Paul’s keeper, Oliver Walenciak, would arrange two glass boxes displaying the flags of Germany and its opponents in the aquarium, each with a bit of food. The box that Paul selected would represent the winner – and the eight-legged soothsayer managed to go a perfect six for six in all of Germany’s matches. This unfortunately, upset some of those at the wrong end of the prediction, which included the Germans in yesterday’s semifinal game against Spain.

For Spanish fans, though, the prediction of Paul is to be honored, having come true. Among those fans is local chef, José Andrés, who has pledged to remove octopus from his menu for the weekend as a gesture of gratitude to the creature. Think it would have been two-for-one calamari night if Paul was wrong?

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4 thoughts on “José Andrés Thanks Psychic Octopus For Predicting Spain’s World Cup Victory

  1. While the Spaniards are happy about Paul the Octopus’s accurate predictions, the Spain/Germany game already happened, and Germany lost. The final match on Sunday features the Netherlands, not Germany.

    The Dutch, not the Deutsch.

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